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DraftKings is one of the first betting sites exclusively dedicated to fantasy sports betting. They established in 2012 in Boston and reached their first milestone in April 2013 when the Major League Baseball invested in DraftKings. That was the first time that a US sports league invested in a fantasy sports site.

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Fantasy sports on DrafKings

A fantasy sport is an online game in which you can compile virtual teams of real player of a certain sport. Your team competes with other participants’ team. How well your team plays, depends on each individual players performance in real life. At the start of a league, you get to choose your players. Other participants do too, so you’ll take turns in picking your favorites. You have to make strategic choices because you need a good balance of midfielders, defenders and attackers (depending on which sport you play, of course). When you land on the Draftkings site, you can choose from many different leagues. A few fantasy sports you can choose from are the NFL, NBA, soccer, and tennis.

Create an account

Before you can start putting together your team, you need to sign up for an account. Choose a username and enter your email address first. You can now make your first deposit into your account, which can start from as little as $5. The first part of fantasy sport is perhaps the most fun. You get $50.000 to buy players for your team. Don’t forget, you can only spend your player money once. When you have a team, you’re free to choose which match you want to participate in. After the match finishes, you instantly see the results. If you won, your account is credited. You can easily watch the games you take part in live from your laptop or mobile phone.

Safety and reliability

Fantasy sports betting is completely legal. Laws in the US have determined fantasy sports to be a game of skill rather than chance. This means that fantasy sports betting is a few steps ahead in comparison to sports betting in the US. The latter has only been recently legalized in the US and we’re still waiting for each individual state to bring in place laws to regulate sports betting. DraftKings has an excellent reputation in terms of payouts. Your details are safe, modern SSL encryption is used to protect for example your card details.

Customer service

You can reach out per phone, the DraftKings support team is available every day from 06.00 to 12 am (EST). Additionally, they have the option to send an email or start a conversation on live chat. They provide quick solutions to any issues you might run into and are just helpful and on point in their approach.

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