Any fantasy sports player will agree that the mock draft is a huge part of refining your strategy. If you’re in it to win, a mock draft is not to skip. In the below, you’ll read more about how to use a mock draft and which apps are best to make one.

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What is a mock draft?

Basically, it’s a simulation of the draft process that is part of any fantasy sports contest you take part in. A draft for football is by definition more complicated than for example baseball. That’s why in particular for fantasy football, mock drafts are frequently used and discussed online. Although you can make a mock draft on a piece of paper, an online app or simulator allows you to have a much better overview.

Purpose of mock draft

The art of the mock draft is that it filters out mistakes before the actual draft. Additionally, it’s a tool to refine your strategy. Many players that have some success in fantasy football swear by using one. The more advanced the internet gets, the more advanced the options for practicing a draft. In the below, we list our favorite sites and apps to make a mock draft of your own.


An app like MockOut is ideal if you want to prepare for a draft from your mobile phone. You can download the app for free for iOs or Android in the store. The handy thing about this app is that you can enter your draft into mock draft contests automatically. This way you actually get to try out your carefully prepared draft and put it to the test. Another nice feature of this app is that it allows you to see how trades will work out. You can make as many mock drafts as you want, refining your approach each time.

Mock drafts online

Aside from a handy app, you can also simply browse to the site of ESPN or Yahoo to make one. These sites are pretty nicely optimized for mobile users. The mock draft simulator on ESPN is nice for football. One of the advantages of ESPN is that alongside the chance to make a mock draft, you also have access here to a lot of detailed expert information. Fantasy football and sports, in general, has become a huge business, so sites like ESPN don’t shy away to get the best experts on board to write articles. Here you find a wealth of information on your best picks the next week, risks, potential outcomes and other statistical information that is of great value for your draft.


Some people say that mock drafts are overrated. Perhaps they refer to the whole process of analyzing everything that is fantasy football to the bone. Especially in recent years, how much attention we give to fantasy football has gone through the roof. There is such a wealth of information out there, including the mock-drafts of so-called experts, that we don’t know anymore where to look. With so much information available, it becomes increasingly hard to verify which sources are actually useful.


I wouldn’t say the practice of making mock-drafts is overrated. It’s a very helpful tool to refine your picks before you get into the real draft. It offers you a chance to optimize your strategy and get a good idea of your top 3 picks in every round. This is essential because in the real draft you don’t know beforehand if you get to pick your first or even second choice. When it comes to basing your own strategy on other people’s mock drafts published by experts and so on, yes, be cautious. In that sense, the art of the mock draft might indeed be overrated. However, in its most simple appearance, as a tool to optimize your own strategy and simply practice before the real deal, the mock draft definitely has not lost its relevance.

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