The Guinness Premiership rugby, also known under the names of Premiership Rugby or Gallagher Premiership Rugby, is an English rugby league. It consists of 12 clubs and is the countries professional league. The clubs in this league qualify for several European top competitions, for example, the European Champions Cup and the European Rugby Challenge Cup. Whichever team ends last in this competition, is degraded to the second division. Other teams have an opportunity to move up to the premier league if they win the championship. The premiership has existed since 1987 and has undergone quite some transformations since.

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A few of the clubs who have a long history of being part of the Premiership, for example, are Bath Rugby, the Bristol Bears, Gloucester Rugby, and the Harlequins. Although each season allows for new clubs to enter the premier league, there have been many steady teams in the Premiership. The London Irish is a club that only made it to the Premiership recently, in fact, in 2019. The Premiership is privately owned by the member clubs.

Premiership Rugby cup

Organized by the English rugby union, the Premiership Rugby is a knockout competition for the teams of the region, some of them which are mentioned above. The cup has rotated in names over the years, in 2018 they once again changed it because the Welsh clubs withdrew from the cup and therefore “Anglo-Welsh” Cup would no longer be an appropriate name. So how is the cup organized? The twelve teams that are part of the cup are placed into 3 pools of 4 teams. The three teams who win their pool and the best runner up will enter the semi-finals. The prize? £500.000.

guinness premiership


The cup has been successful and popular over the last few years. The Guinness premiership has done its best to generate coverage and it has paid off. The premiership attracts crowds in real life but also on TV. Especially in England the cup has been popular, but it’s also available to watch internationally.


Rugby is played on a grass court 100 by 70 meters. Additionally, there is a so-called ‘dead ball’ area on both sides of the court which can be between 10 and 22 meters. Rugby is played with an oval-shaped ball and it’s up to the team to pass it backward. Despite the large court, it’s only one referee who is in charge of the game. However, on the outside of the courts on both ends, he does have two judges helping him. The rugby match is played in a total of 40 minutes divided into 2 halves. The idea is simple, score more points than your opponent.

Fantasy league

Rugby is not a sport that gets the most attention, but it most definitely has a great niche audience. That also means it’s an interesting sport for fantasy sports. Not all the sites offer fantasy rugby, but the ones that do are doing an excellent job at doing so. What makes rugby interesting is the amount of strategy and thought that goes into the drafting of players. It’s an unpredictable sport in the sense that you never know which player will get injured. Therefore, you need to make a careful selection when drafting your team. What is preferred, talent and reputation or one of the new players? You have to draft your rugby team in such a way that you take the smallest amount of risk.

Player positions

In fantasy rugby, you can pick players and use them for multiple positions. This is different than many other sports, where you have to pay a lot more attention to position. Over the seasons, the value of the players might increase or decrease. You will find extensive statistical details about players prior to the draft. A rugby team has 15 players on each team. 8 of them are forwards, seven backs and additionally there usually are 8 replacements on the bench.

Strengths and weaknesses

Because they aren’t restricted to one position, in fantasy rugby the positions, therefore, are just as flexible. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should not pay attention to creating a team with a good balance of strengths. Each player most definitely has their strengths and weaknesses, something which you have to take into account for your draft. The players that really are just versatile and good in any position, they exist, are called utility players and are very important in rugby.

Things to keep in mind

Aside from knowing the general rules, like how many players are on the field and what is allowed and what is not. There are a couple of important things to understand.

Dead ball

This is a term used for when the ball is out of play. This is the case when the ball goes outside the designated area of play. When this happens, the referee will intervene.

Dropped kick

When a player drops the ball from his hands and the ball hits the ground and he kicks it after the first bounce. To score points, there are several ways, a player has to be within the dead ball area of their opponent. In order to score, he has to hold the ball and touch it on the ground. Or, another way, touch the ball pushing it down or fall on it. For the latter, it’s only possible to score if he really has the ball in control.

Into touch

There are several ways to kick out the ball, one of them is to touch the touchline on the ground or beyond the touchline. The phrase ‘into touch’ refers to the ball being outside of the playing area in into the touch area.


When a team has scored a try (also including a penalty), they get a so-called ‘conversion’ kick. If the player succeeds, it’s worth 2 points. It’s from a specific distance the player has to shoot, which is marked with a point.

Counting points

Your team earns money based on the performance of players in a couple of different categories. A few of them are tries and kicks, meters gained, tackles and defenders beaten. Do pay attention that depending on the site, they might count points differently. Because points can be earned in different categories, select players based on how well they perform in each position.

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