When you first hear about ‘fantasy football’, it’s hard to imagine it being more than a fun game to play with friends. Let alone it being a billion dollar industry. Playing fantasy football is a game of skill rather than luck, they say. But what we know for sure is that if you love football, you can take your knowledge to the next level and make money from it.

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NFL fantasy betting

The first step in playing fantasy football is to decide whether you want to participate in daily fantasy football or season long. You can also do both, the way it works is essentially the same. One lasts the entire NFL season, the other just a day or a week. Playing fantasy football for the entire season is especially fun to do with friends. You simply get together a group of around 10-15 people of which one will be the commissioner. He or she is the one in charge of things like naming the team and completing the registration online.

playing fantasy football

Create your team

The first step to start playing fantasy football is to create a team. After signing up at a fantasy sports site, you get a budget to create a team. This is also called the draft. When it’s daily fantasy sports, you’ll be put in a league with other participants. Each one has their turn picking players. Random simulation decides whether you are first or last to pick. But in case you get the last choice in the first round, you’ll get the first choice in the next. There is a total of 16 rounds, so stay focused on the process! The NFL consists of a total of 32 teams, all of which have 53 active players on their roster. In case you’re wondering, yes it’s indeed possible to draw players who in real life play for various teams. You’re the coach, you pick the best players and so be it.

Managing your team

To be in charge of your NFL team takes dedication and expert knowledge. You don’t learn this in one day. However, if you’re a sports fanatic and know a lot about the teams, its players and current developments, you’re steps ahead. To manage your team effectively you need to understand a lot about stats and be able to incorporate that knowledge into your team. The player’s positions, for example. Which player to keep on the bench, which one you let play first. Factors that can influence that are injuries, weather, performance in previous matches and much more. Many fantasy football sites offer detailed stats that you can use as guidance.

Tips for drafting players

There are quite a few important things you shouldn’t overlook when drafting players. Fantasy football really is much more strategic than just picking out your 3 favorite players and letting the rest up to destiny.

Pick smartly

Although it’s a good thing to quickly select your favorite quarterback. As a consequence, many new fantasy players move right onto picking players in other positions. If you let 10 rounds pass by before you care to think about your other quarterbacks, chances are big there aren’t any good ones left.

Cheat sheet

Prior to the real draft, you should have a clear idea of your ideal team. Consider all different positions and your potential picks. Keep on hand your top 5 players for every position. Having them ranked is helpful to help you decide quickly.  Some fantasy sites offer mock drafts. They allow you to quickly draw up teams and have a good overview. It’s a helpful tool to get to know the system and spot your own flaws.

The bye week

Check out the dates that each NFL player has off. Understandably, you don’t want to have 3 quarterbacks in your team that are all on their “bye week” at the same time. Incorporating the bye week in your strategy is essential. Even if you’re performing well, the bye week can hit you hard if that means that your top players are suddenly not available.

NFL players

The goal

When you know how much money you can win in fantasy football, it’s no surprise that players take their team as seriously as if they were the NFL manager themselves. To put it very simply, the goal in fantasy football is to win more points than your opponent. If you succeed, that means you can win a lot of money. For daily fantasy sports that can be $10.000, for season-long leagues even 1 million dollars. You have to read the conditions of each league before you join, so you know what’s at stake.


Mid-season you can always make trades with your fellow players. Trading is an opportunity to improve your team or a way to change your strategy. The process of trading is simple. You can reach out to fellow participants and offer a trade proposal. Do keep in mind that Each fantasy site has its own rules for trading. Therefore it’s wise to read yourself into the particulars.

Other things to keep in mind

This seems basic advice, but judging on how many players make this mistake, it’s worth mentioning. When you participate in a league, it’s of key importance to know the rules. Not knowing them and violating them can cost you. Each site presents its rules differently, but usually, you can find it under the settings of the particular league. Rules can be regarding the roster, scoring, and the schedule.