On this section of the site, we discuss everything that is fantasy sports and your mobile phone. You’ll find an overview of the best apps, how to use them, fantasy site reviews and more useful information.

Best Fantasy Sports apps 2022:

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  • Global Fantasy teams
  • Focus on Fantasy Soccer
  • Get 10 free cards!
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  • Daily Fantasy Sports
  • Play from your mobile phone
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Playing DFS on mobile

Playing daily fantasy sports on your mobile is pretty similar to playing on your laptop. However, with the small screen space, you need to use the right apps. Having a great overview and sense of organization is crucial to rock daily fantasy sports. When you submit several line-ups at the same time and rotate between sports, good functionality is necessary. Any successful DFS player would agree that they gravitate towards the apps that allows them the perfect overview, with the fewest amount of clicks.


The first fantasy sports were played in the 1980s, albeit a very simplified version of what we know today. Throughout the ’90s, it became a little bit more known. It was only around 2009, with the founding of FanDuel, that fantasy sports became mainstream. Desktop only first, but soon enough you could play on apps or browse to the site from your mobile phone. Some players still swear by playing from their laptop only, but being on the go so often, having a decent app to use is key.

FanDuel and DraftKings

In the span of 10 years, it surprising to say the least that there are still only two main players in the industry of fantasy sports: FanDuel and DraftKings. They own about 95% of the market. The mobile apps both sites provide are great to use. To learn more, click on the articles in the dropdown bar. Here you will find in-depth app reviews and information on how to win playing DFS on mobile. ESPN and Yahoo might in the future become an important player in terms of the fantasy sports market, but for now, they are very minimal.

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