Assembling a good team is the most important parts of daily fantasy sports. That goes for the NFL, NBA or any league that you might participate in. To create a successful team, you don’t just need to understand the sport and its players. It’s equally important to understand the point system, stats and use the information to your advantage. In the below, you’ll read the top strategies to follow when playing daily fantasy sports (DFS).

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Study the rankings

There is a lot of information out there about daily fantasy sports leagues. It’s great to use this to your advantage, for example, to predict which combination of players would work well. However, leagues like the NFL or NBA are subject to a lot of change. That means that even though rankings provide valuable information, they should by no means influence your entire draft strategy.

Keep up with the news

When you play daily fantasy sports, keeping up with current developments of the players is of great importance. There are many things that could be an indication that a player isn’t going to perform well. Knowing that in advance prevents you from drafting those players for your team. Things that are relevant for example are injuries, off-weeks, and even personal problems. That might sound a bit harsh, but you’ll want to make sure you only draft the best, most fit players. After all, that’s what will guarantee good performance.

Ask around

If you’re an NFL fan, you’ll generally have a good idea of who your favorite players are and why. However, when assembling your team don’t let this fanboy influence the draft too much. It’s wise to ask around, see what fellow sports fans think or predict. Then throw that in the mix with your own convictions and you’ll likely make more profitable decisions. That’s simply because a collective point of view is often more accurate than just your own view. You can get a lot of information from people you know, but also online or TV. Gather a few trustworthy sources and dig deep into their opinion

fantasy sports strategies

Don’t use the same strategy for every sport

When playing daily fantasy sports you probably don’t limit yourself to one sport. Good, because varying will increase the chance of winning. However, keep in mind the different nuances of every sport. It might be tempting to use the same strategy for every sport, but you’re better off not to. A sports league like the NBA is more predictable in terms of data than baseball. Paying a lot for the star player might be smart in one type of sport, not so much in another.

Dynamic vision

Some daily fantasy sports require a daily commitment in the sense that keeping up with all the games will affect your chance of winning. For other sports, however, that intense involvement is not really necessary. It’s really about feeling what is needed and keep your mind dynamic enough to adjust. Tunnel vision is the enemy here.