If you’ve been following the news a little bit, I’m sure you’ve heard about sharks and fantasy sports. The ‘shark’ term has been around for some time, first, it was only used in poker. It refers to a person who plays a game, like fantasy football, professionally. Therefore they have a much better chance of winning. In fantasy football, for example, the sharks are known to compete in head to head with newcomers. Because they play games in bulk, through automated lineups, they have a much better chance to win.

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The purpose of this article is to show you how automated line-ups work, first of all. Secondly, what you have to do to avoid getting eaten by a shark every time you play a game of fantasy football. Last but not least, we’ll provide some tips on how automated line-ups and scripts can potentially work for you.

Current policy

You’d expect that companies as big as FanDuel and DraftKings already have a solid policy in place to prevent people from entering automated line-ups. There isn’t. However, it does state on the site in their terms and conditions that you aren’t supposed to use “bots” that are used to trick the system. However, there is very little regulation in place to actually enforce that. It also isn’t clear if scripts and automated line-ups can be considered bots. FanDuel does have a restricting factor in place that you can only have 250 lineups per account. DraftKings, on the other hand, doesn’t have a restriction on the number of line-ups you can have per player. I guess we can agree that 250 lineups per account still most definitely is a shark amount that the regular player doesn’t get to match up to.

Avoiding sharks

In head to head games, you have the choice to play or not play. Before you decide, click on the username of the person you’re about to play with. Here you can usually find information about how many games they played and how many they’re currently enrolled in. This can give you an idea about the nature of the player. Basically, you stand no chance most of the time if the person is using an automated line-up, so it’s better to avoid.

Automated line ups

Scripts or automated line-ups is a system that high volume players use to win. Basically, an automated script can be entered when participating in a fantasy sports league like football or basketball. A script works as follows. It’s a list of commands that your computer will execute, for example from a spreadsheet. The information drawn from the spreadsheet will be used to form countless unique line-ups. These line-ups are then uploaded to a fantasy site like FanDuel or DraftKings.

Line-up rules

Both companies argue that the ‘working’ of scripting is actually in favor of the argument that fantasy sports are a game of skill. Which is partly true, because if it weren’t a skill, the scripts wouldn’t work. What the problem is, however, is that many people who play fantasy sports for the first time aren’t aware of the presence of such players with automated scripts. It’s nevertheless true that to get a script at that level of functioning does take a lot of time and skill. If you were to add 100 line-ups to a fantasy site manually, that would probably be a days worth of work and therefore not feasible for the average player.

Buying fantasy football scripts

There are several sites that sell automated line-ups these days. It’s questionable whether by purchasing them actually gains you an edge. Perhaps the question is not so much of whether to buy them. But how much effort and time do you want to put in playing fantasy football? If you want to win the good money, you might want to start creating those spreadsheets with information yourself. There is no guarantee this will actually work out, but if you’re looking to develop yourself and become a shark rather than being eaten by one, the topic of spreadsheets and automated line-ups will come up sooner than later.

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