What are the best reasons to play fantasy basketball? In the following, we’ll talk about that. Let’s be honest here: fantasy basketball doesn’t nearly get the same attention as fantasy football does. Is that justified? No. Especially if you’re in it for the money, below you find 3 reasons why fantasy basketball is great.

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More games

The NBA has a season with 82 games, the NFL only 16. With fewer games, luck plays a more significant role. The NBA has many more games, that’s why luck is of less importance. Rather it’s your actual skills and knowledge that form the deciding factor on whether you win or not. Fantasy football in that sense has much more of a gambling factor than fantasy basketball!


The draft is of huge importance in fantasy sports. In fantasy football, a very specific combination draft of players is required for you to succeed. For example, the right balance of defense and offense is crucial. In basketball, on the other hand, there is much more flexibility in terms of players and their position. Basketball has offensive as well as defensive stats for the same players. That makes your draft more flexible and thus will affect your team’s performance.

playing fantasy basketball

Fewer injuries

Fantasy sports, in general, are considered more a game of skill than luck. However, there are definitely a few factors in fantasy sports that you have no control over. It’s possible that despite drawing great players for your team that one or more will have an injury. The chance of injuries is significantly higher in football than playing fantasy basketball. Meaning that because basketball players don’t get injured as frequently that you significantly decrease the factors that are beyond your control.

Playing fantasy sports

One of the reasons people love playing fantasy sports is that skills are more important than luck. Having a good understanding of the statistical information and your personal expertise can come a long way. Because there are several factors in basketball that decrease the importance of plain luck, it’s definitely a fantasy sport that you should be playing. But of course only if you have a keen understanding of the game and its individual players!