A fantasy sport is a type of game where you build a team, participate in a league and win money based on the real-life performance of the players of your team. Popular types of fantasy sports are football (NFL), basketball (NBA), hockey and soccer. Big fantasy sports sites like DraftKings or FanDuel both have many more fantasy sports leagues available to participate in. For example boxing, tennis, golf and the MMA to name a few.

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Fantasy sports

Fantasy football is widely considered the most popular fantasy sport of all. Its popularity has skyrocketed, it’s almost as if every family in the US now takes part in a fantasy league. The fun, dynamic part of especially football is that you get to set up your private league. That means you can invite family members, colleagues and friends to take part in a league. You all put in a certain amount of money and draft your team. Throughout the football season, you get to track the performance of your fantasy team based on the real life performance of those players.

Private leagues

Many people take part in fantasy football leagues for fun and a good time with friends, but it’s also possible to take fantasy sports to an entirely different level. Asifromorm creating a ‘private’ fantasy sports league with friends, you can also join public leagues. Additionally, there are many types of daily fantasy sports. That means you draw a team for a particular sport and you’ll know the result daily or weekly.

How does it

In fantasy sports, you take on the role of manager. You get to pick your team, you get to trade players and create lineups in such a way that it produces the highest amount of points. Because that’s what fantasy sports are all about: collecting points. Each fantasy sport has a different way of assigning points for certain actions.

Point system

In fantasy football, for example, maximum points are given for a touchdown, a few less for a field goal and minus points for certain fails in your defense. When you first start playing fantasy sports, it takes some time to understand how the stats and point counting works. It helps to study the system before you start. This way you have a better comprehension of the strategic best choices for picking players.


Fantasy sports have become a huge business worldwide. The industry now generates over a billion dollars each year. For you as a player of fantasy sports that means big business too. If you do well, you can earn some nice money with fantasy sports. But don’t be mistaken, making money from fantasy sports is not as easy at looks.

Sports expertise

Aside from great expertise in a particular sport, you need to know the players, team dynamics, possible injuries and perhaps even predict the psychological state of mind of the players. The amount of points you collect in fantasy sports depends on how well the players on your team perform in real life. If you take part in a season league, that means during the draft you need to anticipate what will become of the players.

The money

When you sign up at a fantasy sports site, you need to deposit money in your account to participate. Each site has offered leagues of different sizes and entry money. A league can consist of anywhere between 8 and 16 teams. The most used one is a league of 10-12 teams, which keeps it manageable. If you win your league, you can win a nice prize. The particular amount depends on the stakes of that league and the number of participants. When you take part in a public league, the site will show you the exact amount you can win. If you enjoy keeping track of all player developments and aren’t scared of stats, then you might actuall have a chance to win big!