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If you play fantasy sports, ESPN is one of your best go-to options. Founded in 1979, ESPN started out as a TV channel only. Nowadays they have 8 cable networks, a Radio network a Fantasy sports site and more. The company is now 80% owned by The Walt Disney Company and 20% by Hearst.

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The company

ESPN was the first company to broadcast sports through satellite and in just a few years they manage to dominate American TV. In 1983, channel ABC initially bought a 15% stake into the company, but they quickly managed to acquire control. This turned out to be in the best interest for ESPN because it helped grow the company to unparalleled heights.

Playing fantasy sports

ESPN is one of the top destinations to play fantasy sports. Undoubtedly the most played fantasy sport is football, but they also offer other sports. For example basketball, soccer and hockey. There are a few different types of leagues you can join. First of all, there is a public league. Then there is also the option to create your own league where you compete with family and friends. Thirdly, you can also play daily fantasy sports instead of a season-long league. This is a popular option because of its fast pace. When you play daily fantasy sports you don’t have to wait an entire season to find out who wins.

Creating your own league

Like mentioned above, if you play fantasy football for an entire season, you can choose between joining a public league or creating your own. The handy thing about joining a public league is that you aren’t in charge of the organization. When you create your own league, on the other hand, there is some more work involved. First of all, when creating your own league you need to gather a minimum number of players to participate. Furthermore, you need to make sure you comply with the league’s rules and settings. It takes a little more work, but the pay off is that you get to enjoy a league with people you know. And let’s be honest,  one of the best parts of playing fantasy sports is when you beat your friends and colleagues.

Fantasy football

Undoubtedly the most popular type of fantasy sport to play in the United States is fantasy football. The season is divided into 3 phases, which are the draft, the season and the playoffs. ESPN has a very convenient set-up where you can easily set-up your league. Also not unimportant is that ESPN provides accurate and current stats for players. Important to know for example is which players are injured, benched or are at risk to not be able to participate in a match. Even though the real football fan will likely know these things already, it’s good to have an overview. The app also lets you view the results of previous drafts. In leagues where you get to pick your players yourself, this is very valuable information.

How to draft a team

The league draft is considered the most important part of the entire league because it decides in the most part which players you’re stuck with. To make the most the draft, there is a lot of information available about players. Strengths, weaknesses, past performances, predictions and so on. Even though this information is of tremendous importance, your own judgment and expertise about the players are important too. You won’t always get your first choice when drafting your team, so making a mock draft with different options and favorites is a helpful tool to make the most of it.

Football draft

The point system is one of the most important things to know in fantasy football. The concept of fantasy football is that it assigns different points to different actions. Not just goals result in points, but also things like how well defense limits their opponent, the number of turnovers, number of gained yards and so on. Of course, the most important point value of all is that the amount of scored goals, in particular touchdowns. Minus points are given too. That makes fantasy football and interesting interaction of different factors. Good luck drafting and winning!

The ESPN Fantasy app

It’s nice to play fantasy sports from the comfort of your phone and that’s why ESPN has a handy app to do so. If you’re taking part in a fantasy football league, you simply have to download the app on your mobile phone and get started. Simply head to the Play Store or App Store and type in ESPN Fantasy Sports. The app is available for both Apple and Android users, has a good overview and offers all the necessary stats to put together a successful team. Installing the app is quick and easy. After installing the app, you need to sign up for an account or login if you already have an ESPN account. When you’ve downloaded the app, you can browse through the different sports in the top row and choose accordingly.

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