The key to winning at fantasy football is expertise and your ability to read statistics. Actually, it’s not reading statistics but your ability to identify which ones are of importance. When you play fantasy football, you’ll come across a LOT of statistics, but not all of them provide valuable information. Before you start playing fantasy football, make sure you understand the basics of statistics. They provide great information to help assemble a winning draft.

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Player statistics

Sites like ESPN will provide in-depth information about players. Things like targets, touches and red zone targets are important to take into account for players. In fantasy football there are ‘points against’ or ‘minus points’, you can see for each player how many of those points they have.

stats in fantasy football


Other than statistics such as how many passes a player made, how many goals scored, number of touchdowns. Another piece of valuable information that many fantasy sports sites provide, is the players that had the POTENTIAL to ‘produce’ points. First of all, there are targets. This refers to the number of times a player was the intended receiver of a pass. Then next up is touches. That counts the number of times a player has caught a pass he was intended to receive.

The red zone

The maximum amount of fantasy points in fantasy football? Of course, that goes to the touchdown. However, there are many other ways that players collect fantasy points for your team. So-called red zone opportunities are an important part of that. There are 3 kinds of red zone categories, they are the following. Red zone target, red zone touches and red zone goal to goal play. Basically, these are opportunities for your players to collect points because they caught a ball or are passing target.

Fantasy points against (FPA)

Your fantasy team won’t just gather points, they’ll also get minus points. It’s an important factor to keep in mind when drafting your team. Reading the fantasy points against (FPA) stats, you’ll get a clear idea of the (poor) quality of a team’s defense against a particular team.