The most important part of playing fantasy football is the draft. During the draft, you pick players for your team. Whether you play the season or daily fantasy football, these will be the players that help you win or lose. Although there are other factors that decide whether you will win or lose, the draft is of huge importance. That’s why below we’ll explain more about how to draft a winning fantasy football team.

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A plan is key

To avoid the scenario of being stuck with a shitty team, it’s key to enter the draft with a solid plan. An oldskool mock draft is helpful, but nowadays there are many sites where you can easily create your mock draft. The first tip when it comes to the draft is that you’re better off to target positions and not particular players.

Look at expert drafts

Don’t just make your own mock draft, but also look at those that the experts have made. Channels like ESPN or CBS usually launch one ahead of time, if you’re looking to roll into a season league. These mock drafts are also valuable if you take part in daily fantasy sports. The fact that they’ve been made by experts means you’ll find valuable information regarding upcoming players, potential newcomers and other things you might not be aware of.

Draft a running back in round 1

The heart of a fantasy football game is a great running back. That’s why in the first few rounds you should be focusing on drafting those, running backs and wide receivers. It’s possible that another participant picked the favorite before you, so in a mock-draft write up at least a top 3 of your favorite running backs. In round 2 until 4, prioritize drafting running backs and wide receivers only.

Round 5 to end

This is the round where your personal expertise can come in. You can now use your ‘favorite’ list rather than target positions. Some of your first choice players might have been taken by now. In round 5 it’s very possible to find players that you don’t know too well. If that’s the case, go with your common sense, gut or whatever you want to call it. Let it lead the way.

Keep in mind the bye weeks

As you’re probably familiar with, players in the NFL have bye weeks. It would be really unfortunate if you draw a fantasy team where the star players you have on it are on their bye week at the same time. That’s why you should never underestimate the importance of reserves. They are your savior when other players are in their bye weeks. Or if they’re injured, performing poorly and so on. Creating a dynamic team that allows you options is more important than just drawing the best players!

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