If you want to play fantasy hockey, there are many different leagues to choose from. Of course, there is the NHL, but also NCAA or the Ontario Hockey League are options. Fantasy hockey works similarly to fantasy football or basketball. What is different is the way statistics are collected and the number of players you draft for your team.


If you decide to play a season-long fantasy hockey league, that means you need to make sure the league has enough participants. Sometimes fantasy sports sites have an automated system to place each participant. Another possibility is that you gather your friends and family and create your own league where you compete with each other.  If you do that, one person will be appointed a commissioner. That person will, for example, be in charge of communicating the rules with all players.

playing fantasy hockey

Drafting your team

The first step to start playing is to draft the players for your team. The participants in your league will each take turns. There are as many drafting rounds as you need players for your team. If you get the first choice in one round, you’ll have the last choice in the next one. This ensures that the drafting process is fair for all participants. If you’re not happy with how your team turned out, you can propose trades while the league is in progress. But do keep in mind that everyone is free to accept or refuse your proposal.


When the draft process is complete, you start following the statistics of your players. Depending on if you choose a daily, weekly or season-long league, you’ll start collecting points. A few important factors to earn points is power-play time, shooting percentage and amount of points scored. Power play time is particularly important for defensemen. The stats are based on real-time events that take place in the game. The stats have different categories and it’s basically a question of how your players perform in the different categories.

NHL fantasy hockey team

League size

Most hockey team leagues consist of around 10 teams. Some try to keep in line with the National Hockey League and thus have around 30 teams in their league. If you’re new to fantasy hockey, you might be better off to opt for a smaller league. However, if you consider yourself one of those NFL fans that knows all the ins and outs about the players and teams, then opting for a bigger league shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Requirements for draft

Drafts take place in a pretty similar manner, but some leagues have slightly different requirements. For example the size of your team, the amount of cash you get to ‘buy’ players and a few more things. Before you start a game of fantasy hockey, make sure you read the specific rules and requirements.