Fantasy golf is a game in which you assemble a team of real-life golfers. The performance of your players in real-life tournaments determines the amounts of points you score. Some of the golf tournaments are the US PGA Tour and the European tour. Several different fantasy sports sites offer golf. A few them are DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo. Also, PGA itself offers fantasy golf. The way you assemble players and score points varies per website, so make sure to read the rules.


Fantasy golf takes place in different tournaments. Depending on the tournaments, the player draw and the way you score points is different. Most fantasy sports websites that offer golf solely focus on the big tournaments. There are also a few alternative ways to play fantasy golf, for example with weekly draws.

golf player celebrating

How do fantasy sports work?

The basis for fantasy golf is the same as in any other fantasy sport. The purpose is to collect as many points possible for your players and beat your opponents. Depending on what the particular league or fantasy site offers, you can earn some nice money. But don’t underestimate its difficulty, playing fantasy sports requires a lot of skill and knowledge. Below you can find different ways fantasy sports contests take place.

Head to head

In fantasy golf, you can be in a head to head competition with another person. This is a very straight forward way of playing fantasy sports. One of you wins, the other loses. If you consider yourself an expert at the sport, you have a good chance to win. If you’re a beginner, however, there’s a good chance you lose.


The number of participants in a 50/50 contest can vary between 10 and 100. You can win money in this type of competition if your score is better than the average. Keep in mind that Each fantasy site explains their specific rules for the contest, so read those before you start. There usually are different options to choose from in terms of bankroll; low, medium and high budget.

Point system

The way a player’s statistical performance varies per sport. In golf, you collect your points in ‘per hole’ scoring. Depending on the fantasy site, a double eagle, for example, results in 20 points and an Eagle in 8 points.  For a bogey or double bogey, you get minus points.  If you play fantasy golf in a tournament, you will also see the number of points 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will result in.

PGA fantasy golf

Selecting your players

Like with any other fantasy sport, a keen understanding and expertise in players definitely get you ahead. The salary you get to purchase golfers for your ‘team’ has to be spent smartly. Fantasy websites often provide some chart with statistics which will guide you to make decisions. Relevant things to consider are the performance of players in the last 3 or 6 months. Another handy tool to pick players is to see what sportsbooks say about each player. Sports betting is different than fantasy sports, but the statistics sportsbooks provide can be helpful.