Although fantasy sports baseball isn’t as popular as football (NFL) or basketball (NBA), baseball is starting to gain some solid ground in fantasy sports betting. Especially the MLB, which stands for Major League Baseball, is popular. It’s, in fact, one of the 4 oldest professional sports leagues in the US and  Canada.  

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Baseball leagues

Before you get into any type of fantasy sports betting, you need to understand the game. Fantasy sports are largely a game of skill, so knowing the rules and players well is a major advantage. The first option for fantasy baseball is to participate in a season-long league with friends. If you’re looking to bet on some more fast-paced league, then daily or weekly fantasy baseball might be your thing.

The Draft

Before you can start the fantasy baseball competition, you need to create a team for which you receive a salary. But be aware that you can’t exceed that salary, so simply purchasing all the top players doesn’t work. This rule is part of what makes fantasy sports so exciting. It also distributes players over different teams more evenly. Even though you might not get all your favorite players, you nevertheless have a big influence on how strong your team will be. First of all, studying statistics for each player will help you to make the right choices. Additionally, it’s possible to trade players mid-competition. If you have a willing person to trade with you, of course.

Mock draft

Many fantasy sports betting sites allow players a round of practice with a mock draft. If your website of choice doesn’t offer this, you can always find another site to create one. Of course, you can also old-fashioned draft your team on a piece of paper. Practicing which players to pick before the real draft allows you to develop a strategy. For example, you get to see what players you’d pick if your first or second choice is not available. Then based on the result, you can reflect and modify your strategy where needed.

playing baseball action

Stats count

In Fantasy baseball, your team collects points based on well its players perform in real-life. Players can score points in different categories. A few of the categories to collect points are the total of home runs and the total of saves. The run distance of your team, total strikeouts, and stolen bases are other categories to win points. When you assemble your team at the draft, it’s smart to keep these different categories in mind. If you can pick a combination of players that would do well in each of these categories, you have a very high chance of winning.