On this section of the site, you will find beginners guides on a variety of fantasy sports topics. From how to play, draft tips and strategies to follow. Aside from that, you can find a wealth of information about the evolution of fantasy sports and what’s to come next.

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What is fantasy sports?

Fantasy sports is no longer just an occasional hobby. Many people play it daily and some even manage to earn a nice amount of money from playing. Although the many TV ads might tempt you into thinking that you can become a millionaire overnight, think again. Making money from it is definitely possible, but you need to put the time in. From research, studying stats, reading expert articles, making a mock draft (or several) and preparing your roster, you can easily spend several hours per week.

Time spent on crafting team

According to several surveys over more than 650 fantasy football players, they found that the average player spends about 8 hours on their team. Of which half during work hours! There is no denying that the hype is real, but the question is, is it paying off?

To be fair, how much time you spent each week on crafting your team depends on a variety of factors. One of them is the type of contest. If you take part in a seasonal league, you’ll need to adjust your team on a weekly basis. If you simply take part in one-off daily fantasy sports contests you have much more freedom in terms of the time you spent.

Law of the few

Like with most games online, whether it be poker or fantasy sports, it usually is a very small percentage of people that takes home the big prizes. In fact, according to several business studies, just 1.3% of daily fantasy sports payers win 91% of the prizes. That means that for you, the regular player, there is quite a small window of opportunity to make it. Nevertheless, it’s possible. If we were to listen to everybody who tells us the odds of something, nothing worthwhile would ever have been achieved in this world.

Go for it anyway

Back to the topic of the beginner’s guide, in this section of the site, you will simply find all sorts of articles that give you information on your next right move, strategy, and team. To increase the odds, to inform you, even if it were just to get you two steps ahead of the others. Good luck!

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