Fantasy football gives a new dimension to the hardcore football fan. If you don’t know what fantasy football is, it’s a game where you can assemble teams of real football players which compete with teams of other participants. Your players collect points based on their performance in real life.

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The basics

Statistics and strategy are a huge part of fantasy football, which is why the US supreme court has deemed fantasy sports a game of skill and not chance. That makes playing it perfectly legal, which is always important to know. When you participate in a fantasy league, you ‘own’ a team and will choose players for your team. You’ll only have a limited budget available to spend on players, so choose carefully. Also, keep in mind that other participants in the league likely are interested to buy the same players.

Drafting players

If you’re in it to win money, it’s handy to make some sort of a mock draft. So when you get to pick the players, you have your options ready. The draft is the most important part of the fantasy league. Even even if you don’t have your first choices, you won’t know how things actually turn out. It has happened many times that star players we have high expectations from underperform. And vice versa, of course. In fantasy football, it’s also possible to trade players with other participants, which can be a huge plus if you find a willing partner.

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Signing up for an account

Before you can start assembling your fantasy team, you have to sign up for an account at a fantasy sportsbook. The main ones are DraftKings and FanDuel, but there are also several smaller ones. Fantasy football is a market that is continuously growing so you can expect more companies to come in the future.

Compare fantasy sports sites

When you sign up at a fantasy sportsbook, there often is a welcome bonus for new players. Before you choose your sportsbook, compare the offers and look at the variety of leagues and sports they offer. Even if you initially just want to play fantasy football, it’s always good to know which site offers more interesting sports. Signing up is pretty straightforward, just fill out your personal details and confirm your identity by clicking on an email link.

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Join a league

When you’ve signed up for an account, you choose the type of league to participate in. It’s possible to join a public league or you can put together a private league. The only downside with the latter is that you’ll always need to be able to gather a minimum amount of players. The classic fantasy football leagues take a whole season, but nowadays it’s also possible to partake in daily or weekly fantasy football leagues. These leagues essentially work the same as the season-long ones, it’s just that the players you’ve drafted for your team are only collecting points based on 1 or several games.

Daily fantasy sports

Daily fantasy sports sure are more dynamic in the sense that you can draft a new team each week and you don’t have to wait an entire football season to find out whether you’ve won. There is something to say for both types of leagues, but it really depends on your preference. After choosing your preferred league, make sure to read the rules.