is the place if you’re new to playing fantasy sports. On this site, you’ll find reviews of fantasy sports sites, mobile apps, draft guides and tips to make money with daily fantasy sports.

The fantasy sports phenomenon first emerged in the ’90s, but it’s only in recent years that it has skyrocketed to unparalleled popularity. A fantasy sport is a type of online game where participants create teams with actual players of that professional sport. If your players perform well in real life, you can win money based on that. Great for NBA or NFL fans, because they can now leverage their expert knowledge and make money from it. But it takes a little more than just playing once. You have to know your stats, keep up with all matches, read the sports news and ask around. It’s a fine skill to accurately predict which players will accumulate the most points.

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How does it work?

Before you can get cracking at fantasy sports, you have to choose your sport of preference. The more you know about the sport and its players, the better. The two biggest sites for fantasy sports are FanDuel and DraftKings. Both of them offer a great variety of different sports. Basketball, baseball, hockey, and golf to name a few. In the US, playing NFL fantasy sports is the most popular. If you know what sport to play, your next step is to choose the type of contest. Is it a season-long NFL league that you want to join or do you prefer a shorter commitment? Daily fantasy sports are great: dynamic and fast. When you sign up for a contest, you have to pay an entry fee. You’ll read this upon entering the contest. The next step is to put together a team of players as if you were the coach. Depending on what sport you play, the draft rules and how you earn points will vary. Make sure that before you start playing, you know the point system. Understanding this well will positively affect your chances to assemble a winning team.

Create a team

Regardless of the sport you’re betting on, a good strategy is vital. That’s because you have a limited budget to buy players. You’re not free to buy just any player, because other participants in the league are trying to get the same players. To organize this fairly, participants will take turns in buying players. This is called a so-called snake draft. There are several rounds of choosing players. How many exactly depends on the type of contest and sport. If you were the last one to choose a player in one round, you get the first choice in the next round. Remember, the success of your team depends on your player’s performance in real life. Your knowledge of the sport, along with awareness of current developments and a good strategy is key to winning.

Team positions

The rules for drafting players varies per sport. Let’s take football as an example. When you buy players for your team, you need an excellent combination of attackers, defenders, strikers, and midfielders. Fun fact: it’s possible to have a team with players that in real life don’t belong to the same team. If you have an NFL fantasy team, you can have a quarterback from Dallas, a wide receiver from Philadelphia’s team and so on. Other sports, for example, baseball, don’t have strict rules in regards to the quota of a type of player or position. If you’re going to try out a new sport, read yourself into the rules in regards to team composition. You won’t want to stand for surprises while you’re in the middle of the draft and have seconds left to decide.

Fantasy competition

The team you have assembled will participate in a fictive competition where it competes with other teams of that league. Some contests allow participants to trade players. Although it can be a great way to strengthen your team, be cautious about proposed trades at the start of a contest. If a participant proposes trading, it might very well mean you have a great player in your hands. So be cautious and only get on board if you believe the new player is a stronger choice than your current one. When fantasy sports first began to be popular, the only type of contest you could find was the season-long ones. Much has changed since. Now you can participate in weekly, daily or monthly competitions. It’s great to have options and pick the type of fantasy competition that fits your preference.

Players performance

We understand the main concept of fantasy sports now, right? What the REAL players in the REAL competitions do affects the number of points your fantasy team gets. Penalty safe, penalty miss, touchdown, and field goal are all factors that equal – or + points. If one of your players gets injured in real life, that will affect your fantasy team. When you draft a team, it’s important to keep in mind each players performance. You can collect information on expert sports sites, for example, ESPN. They often provide detailed stats and recommendations for players. Not to say that you should blindly follow that information, but it can be helpful. Additionally, you might also want to keep up to date with the latest news. Who is injury prone? Which player will go on their bye week, and when? The more points your player’s score, the more chance you have to win money. That’s why keeping out a keen eye on everything player performance is a must.

Fantasy Sport in the US

Fantasy sports have been popular in the US for years, especially fantasy football and fantasy basketball. People love it because they get to use their passion and knowledge about sports as a way to win money. Fantasy sports might sound like a childish, fun game, but it’s serious business! In recent years, it has become a billion-dollar industry. Nowadays there are even competitions exclusively made for the top participants to take part in (that means you, the coach). A high stake competition can sometimes cost a thousand dollars to enter. The same fee as high profile poker tournaments. But not to worry, there are still plenty of interesting fantasy contests if you don’t want to spend a lot on entry fees.

Traditional fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports

The traditional type of fantasy sports, how it all began, last a whole season. The team you draft at the start of the season is the one you keep until the end. You can join an existing league, with other participants that you don’t know. Or you can assemble your own league and play with friends and colleagues. Of course, there is a lot to say for the latter because the element of competition is a lot more fun with people you know. Nowadays fantasy sites also offer many daily leagues. When playing in these leagues, you buy a new set of players every week. There is something to say for both traditional fantasy sports and daily sports, but it really depends on your preference.

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